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Did you know termites cause more damage to homes in Florida than tornadoes, hurricanes and floods? In most cases, termite damage is not covered by home insurance. Don't let these bugs take a bite out of your home and your wallet. Contact Southern States Inspection Services today.

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Termite Inspection

Termite Inspection

3 terrible termite facts you should know

No matter where you live, you might be at risk for termite trouble. These tiny bugs cause huge problems for homeowners everywhere. Don't let termites hurt your home. To protect your home, remember these termite facts:

  • Termite damage in your home will start small. If not resolved quickly, it will increase rapidly.
  • In most cases, you won't be able to recognize termite damage without a professional inspection.
  • Most do-it-yourself options help, but they don't stop the problem.
If you live in an area prone to termite infestations, don't delay an inspection. Call Southern States Inspection Services today at 352-622-0066 to schedule a termite inspection by MI.