Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you accept credit cards?

A. Yes.

Q. How soon can you go out and inspect the houses?

A. Usually, the same week called, although we are busy now.

Q. How long will it take after the inspection for me to get the report?

A. Same day or evening of the inspection.

Q. Do your reports contain images?

A. Yes.

Q. Are you licensed and insured?

A. Yes.

Q. Where does most of your business come from?

A. Agents.

Q. How long will the inspection take?

A. 2-3 hours for homes under 2500 sq ft.

Q. Are you ok with me meeting you there during the inspection?

A. We welcome buyers.

Q. Do you email the report?

A. Yes.

Q. Do you work on weekends?

A. No.