Our inspectors are committed to excellence in every home inspection and devoted to client understanding for the expressed purpose of promoting informed decision-making.


Southern States is an independent and locally owned inspection services company serving seven counties in North Central Florida for the past ten years. We offer a wide variety of inspection services ranging from home inspections, to insurance inspections, to environmental testing.


Southern States inspectors have previous experience in various areas of the housing industry prior to their training to become home inspectors. But more importantly each has been thoroughly trained, tested, and certified by one of the national inspection training institutes on how to observe, analyze, and report on each component of a house in an accurate and unbiased manner and are currently licensed by the state of Florida.


Each Southern States inspector was selected and trained not only in the inspection skills necessary to perform the best home inspection available in the industry today, but also thoroughly trained in communications skills, giving each the ability to explain their findings to our clients in clear and understandable terms.

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